Amidst a growing number of services offering tutoring from "certified tutors," we are here to provide state certified teachers with a way to differentiate themselves from tutors without meaningful teaching credentials. By creating a recognizable brand that instantly makes parents and students aware of the difference in quality a state certified teacher can provide, we put teachers in touch with those who need their services the most. Through the use of our brand and materials, teachers are able to leverage their credentials to establish their own lucrative tutoring businesses, being paid a premium rate for their services.

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Our Materials Provide Credibility and Professionalism





Our Materials

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Business Cards



Your Own Website

All CTT Websites have FULL eCommerce functionality, allowing you to process payments for your tutoring sessions over your personal website.

Promotional Materials



Professional Company Line

You will have your own personal extension on our company line that forwards to your personal phone, with all voice messages instantly transcribed and sent to your company email for added convenience.

Lesson Plan Templates



Company Email Address

All of your emails sent to this company address will automatically be forwarded to any personal email address of your choice.



Our Complete System Includes


check3 Professional Custom Made Premium UV Coated Business Cards

check3 Promotional Materials Customized With Your Name, Grade Level and Subject Areas

check3 Lesson Plan Template Booklets

check3 Easy to Follow 3-Step Guide to Getting Students

check3 FREE Study Guide to Offer Parents and Students (see here)

check3 eCommerce Website for Processing Payments Online

check3Free Square Card Reader to Accept Credit Card Payments In Person!

check3 Personal Extension on Our Professional Company Line

check3 Company Email Address That Forwards to Your Personal Email

check3 Lifetime Access to Our Member's Area With Additional Lesson Materials

check3 Lifetime Phone and Email Support