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Are not as easy to find as one would think.  We have started our service hoping to bring a level of quality instruction that parents and their kids can count on, that gets real results.  While the purpose of this article is not to be negative or take down our competitors, we have yet to see any tutoring service that provides consistent and reliable instruction that is backed by meaningful credentials.  Many of the tutors in these services have a wide range of credentials but there are hardly any that have Masters Degrees in Education and formal teaching experience.  Not to say that there are none, they are just not as common as one would hope. Every one of our tutors meets these criteria and a standard of quality and follow lesson plans that are designed to help students succeed.  We will be offering daily tips and helpful hints on how to succeed in learning, school, studying and supporting your child whether you decide tutoring is right for you.  Our Free Study Guide is a great resource that has amazing tips to help you in studying and learning and you will also get a chance to join our newsletter that offers weekly news and resources on education. You can get the Free Study Guide on our home page!

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