How It Works

How It Works

Many parents are seeking quality tutors for their children, yet they may have difficulty finding a reliable tutor with meaningful credentials due to the prevalence of “certified tutors” without actual teaching degrees.

Our professional materials will help your business stand out and appear more credible, which is one of the main things parents look for when choosing a tutor for their child. Many parents are happy to pay a premium rate for tutoring, once they understand that that they are receiving instruction from a tutor with real teaching credentials

Many of our tutors have found it easy to get students once they have started using our materials. Our ready-made customizable lesson templates make tutoring easy and are impressive to both parent and child.

What’s Next?

Upon filling out the application, you will be notified if you qualify to tutor for Certified Teachers Tutor. You will then receive further information regarding how to complete sign up and start tutoring.