Three Myths About Tutoring

Many parents that have been contacting us for tutoring sessions  have been asking how long it takes for a student to learn the material and raise grades.  Each child learns differently, however, we have noticed a few common themes across all students that get tutored.

Myth #1

One tutoring session will raise my child’s grades.

While this can be true, it is not always the case.  We believe it is more accurate to say that every child will learn a new skill during each tutoring session.  While this skill may be the one that is necessary to increase grades, sometimes it is something called a prerequisite skill that can then be used to support the skills the student will need on a test or exam.  Certified Teachers Tutor™ makes tutoring sessions more productive by finding out which skills will be the most important for the student at that point in time so that he or she can succeed in school.

Myth #2

Anybody that knows something can tutor.

While anyone who knows something can tutor, it is not true that this self-proclaimed expert will be able to convey the knowledge he or she has about a given subject or topic.  Many tutoring agencies have what we like to call a “mixed bag” of different qualifications and levels of expertise amongst their tutors.  Certified Teachers Tutor™ has a team of state certified teachers who all have passed teaching exams and have taught in formal academic settings.  Our tutors have experience and expertise not only in their respective subjects or fields, but also are well-versed in imparting this knowledge to their students effectively so that all of the session time is used productively.

Myth #3

Many tutors do it for extra money or to supplement their income.

Actually, many of the tutors in our organization make enough money through their school teaching positions at local public schools.  Most of our tutors are teachers who love to teach and enjoy helping students who can benefit from increased academic support.  While a student who is looking for extra money on the side may very well become a tutor, our tutors are teachers who are looking to make a difference in the lives of students from the local community.  

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