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In order to be eligible for this program you must meet the following criteria:

check5 State Certified Teacher

check5 College Degree in Education

check5 Have Three Teaching References

  • Please enter an address where you would like your tutoring materials shipped.
  • Please list every subject and grade level that you are state certified to teach. If you are certified through multiple grades you can put "K-6" "K-12" in the grade column. Please include any forms of Test Preparation such as SAT, GED, etc. if qualified to teach. Press the "+" sign on the right to add more subjects.
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  • Please list the days and times that you are available to tutor (i.e. Monday 4pm-8pm). Press the "plus" sign on the right to add more days.
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  • Online tutoring sessions are conducted via Skype
  • If you are certified in Special Education please list the populations that you are interested in working with.
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  • Please check if the following applies. Due to the nature of the tutoring being offered through our service, we check all credentials and require that applicants have the following:
  • Please list the names and numbers of at least three references that you would like us to call. Please also provide the contact information of the school at which you are currently employed, otherwise CTT™ will need proof of fingerprint clearance and teacher certifications before you can begin tutoring with us. Press the "+" sign on the right to add more references.
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  • Please tell us anything else that you would like us to know about yourself including what you enjoy teaching the most.
  • How would you like to receive notifications of available students for tutoring?